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YouTube statistics for channels now on Socialbakers - daily stats and key rankings!

YouTube statistics for channels now on Socialbakers - daily stats and key rankings! image

Today, we are really excited to announce that we are now measuring YouTube statistics for channels! Along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, we have YouTube as another key platform in Socialbakers’ social media statsitics portfolio.

What is there for you in terms of YouTube stats?

Directly at socialbakers.com, you can access stats of all YouTube channels and rank them by Channel views, Subscribers, videos and Uploaded video views. Moreover, you can monitor these stats in Brands and Media companies.

Like with our Facebook statistics, where anyone can suggest a Facebook page to become part of a global and local category of brands and media companies, the same will be launched for YouTube during next week = so you can enjoy the Top brands on YouTube in Germany, UK, Brazil, Turkey, and all around the world!

Try our first version today!

Socialbakers is your #1 source of all social media statistics. Thank you for your support in our exciting times!

And of course importantly, the PRO version, which will include trending videos, content, engagement and positivity will be launched next month (end of January), so you can enjoy more detailed stats in our all social media dashboard!

Check the YouTube statsitics section here

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