Top Facebook pages of media companies and their recent growth

Check out how media companies were doing in the first 6 months of 2010 on Facebook!!

Top Facebook pages of media companies and their recent growth

The Internet is full of interesting stories, news and other amazing topics. Generally we can say that this mass medium is flooded by everything around us. Though the media world is more specific and media companies evolve every day. Some are rising up, other are going bankrupt. Media compenies on facebook with most fans are highly observed by marketers and we took a closer look how it changed in first half of 2010.

The most successful company in terms of fans is Playboy. Erotic topics are bullet-proof and for example the word “sex” is very popular not only on the internet but also on Facebook. Playboy has 1 661 063 fans and as a global brand dominates on Facebook, even though we can watch some changes around.

The most fantastic progress toward the Top one made google websites. In the past it was number – three and now the search behemoth moved to the second place with 1 605 788 fans. It is only matter of time than Google will hunt down Playboy. The top global brand Google is sure of taking the first position and begins to take things very seriously in social media.

The third place in the list is followed by a slight decline of fans. CNN only has 943 329 fans, even though the chart looks promising since the intensive growth from June 2010 and CNN also seems to be aware of the potential of social media. The company added controversial “Like” buttons and other “more social” stuff into the official CNN page. Politicians and activists are threatening probes and investigations over privacy problems.

On the same line as a commnucatation channel is The New York Times, which also is very positive regarding the growth in social media and has a strong base of fans. 640 797 is very nice number though the growth after three months from our last post Top media companies on Facebok is not so striking. Other strong fan-brands are Discovery Channel and BBC, both are bulding up huge communities around their pages on Facebook and Discovery Channel made a progress to the seventh place with 446 513 during 3 months.

Clearly, Media companies are doing very well on Facebook, and those who don’t use their Facebook pages, should definately start doing so.

Why haven’t we considered Facebook’s Page for the list? It would not be fair to have Facebook on this list, as it obviously has an advantage that others don’t.

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