YouTube statistics on Socialbakers – TOP 10 YouTube Media

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YouTube statistics on Socialbakers – TOP 10 YouTube Media

Measuring YouTube statistics goes beyond showing TOP YouTube channels. You can find ranks of brands, media, and services measured by number of channel views, subscribers, videos, and uploaded video views.

Socialbakers statistics gives value for marketers, social media specialists, and brands owners through easy-to-access statistics on YouTube that gives you answer how to find top performing brands and their growth.

Among the top YouTube media is IGNentertainment, which posts very popular trailer for video games. CBS official YouTube channel (#2) posts videos from favorite TV shows and sit-coms episodes. Associated Press and BBC are posting top international news and interviews, which therefore receive high number of views. Number 5 is National Geographic, traditionally very popular TV Channel with lots of interesting and educational videos such as from the “National Geographic Live!” series. National Geographic popular slogan is: “Inspiring People to Care About the Planet!”.

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Table 1: TOP 10 YouTube Media by Number of Uploaded Video Views

As we announced previously, we are still adding more brands and media under their categories. Go ahead and help us with suggesting new YouTube channel and their appropriate rank under brands or media section.

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