How will Twitter’s new design change your marketing?

Socialbakers, other then focusing on some great Facebook statistics, more recently also started monitoring Twitter statistics, and we are really open to your feedback to that. We are bringing you ranks of users, and also media companies and brands. Currently, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry are leading the statistics with biggest number of followers. Obviously with the recently announced Twitter redesign, Socialbakers will be monitoring how it affects growth and engagement.

How will Twitter’s new design change your marketing?

Changes of Twitter unveiled last Thursday should bring novelties in its design and make it less confusing for the newcomers. The redesign should come after five years and Twitter expects to increase the number of followers even more rapidly, and also increase engagement with brands. So what does this change mean for the marketers and brands communicating on Twitter?

The main focus of the redesign will touch the interface, which to this time confused many new users significantly enough to come back again to Twitter. To tackle this confusion, many current Twitter users came up with the “hashtags”, which helped them to address the same topic in the 140 characters long message. New Twitter will integrate # symbols directly into users navigation and make it easier for follow the topic. Also brand pages got to be really nice, you can see a preview of the Coca-Colas page below. There are currently no Tabs, but we would hope that there could be.

Twitter also really focused on updating the newsfeed, and integrated microformats directly into the newsfeed, which is amazing and means a lot of content can be consumed directly through the newsfeed.

This is one of the things powerful for the brands as they can use # in connection to their new message or advertisement and lure more clients, who wish to stay updated about the latest news of their favorite brand.

Socialbakers will stay on the top of all changes and bring you updated Twitter statistics every day. We plan big innovations for Twitter, so stay tuned and expect exciting announcements from Socialbakers soon!

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