Facebook’s Timeline now available – how will marketers and brands benefit?

Recently, we shared the Socialbakers’s view on what changes will Facebook’s timeline bring to marketers, brands, customers, and how this positively affects Facebook statistics we measure.

Facebook’s Timeline now available  – how will marketers and brands benefit?

The timeline, which Facebook introduced almost 3 months ago on F8 conference, is now available to 800 million monthly active Facebook users, who can now decide to turn it on. At Socialbakers, we believe Facebook’s timeline will encourage people to spend even more time with a) building their profile, and b) interacting with others profiles. Brands should definitely take advantage of this momentum and think how to engage with their fans or even how to appear in their timeline.

Socialbakers CEO, Jan Rezab comments: “Facebook has already managed to change the interactions and relationship brands have with their fans and customers in social media. Socialbakers is measuring every important milestone and brings social media statistics that detect any change in consumer behaviour. 800 million active Facebook users with their new timelines represent another milestone for Socialbakers. And we are here to help measure this shift. “

The key brand difference for Facebook timeline is, that companies like Guardian and Wall Street Journal are launching applications that people can add directly to their timeline, and this is great. So the new war is on – not only is it about fans, and about interactions, but also its about being on peoples profiles – being actively present in their social lives. Its on!

Final note: Ready to activate Facebook’s timeline for your profile? Here are 4 essential things you should know:

  1. Timeline will arrange your posts and photos chronologically in two columns with the ability to skip to certain months or years in the past.
  2. You can now set a cover photo that appears at the top of your profile.
  3. Once your Timeline is turned on, you have 7 days to review the content before it gets public and visible to your friends.
  4. Facebook will turn the timeline to everybody with an alert that will appear on the top of each user’s profile.

If curious how your Facebook page changes, how many new fans you have, and how you are doing in engaging your fans or even how is your competitor doing, check Socialbakers Facebook statistics and Socialbakers Engagement Analytics available for free to try here.


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