Facebook statistics update: Top growing countries in Q4

Curious, what are the major shifts in the top growing Facebook countries’ rank since we published it last time? Three months ago, it looked quite differently; though Facebook and Google+ introduced some key changes, which were responsible for the shifts in the top Facebook countries. With Socialbakers Facebook statistics, you stay on the top of all social media updates.

Facebook statistics update: Top growing countries in Q4

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Brazil and India – the two fastest growing countries on Facebook, accelerated their growth even more rapidly. Main change is happing now in Brazil, where Facebook is breathing down the Orkut’s neck. Back in October, the numbers spoke in favor of Orkut with 37.1m users (59.1%) vs. 30.4m for Facebook. Current Socialbakers statistics show that Facebook’s online penetration is 46.3% leaving less than 54% for Orkut. Monitor with us the exciting change in this ratio; Socialbakers is here to help you stay updated with all Facebook statistics.

Another country on the rise is Indonesia. Indonesia is already 2nd country on Facebook! It is gaining very active users in the social media, which is evident in some big sectors such as TV shows and TV networks.

Turkey – country, which made it to the top 10 growing countries, finally beat United Kingdom! Turkey is Facebook country number 6.; United Kingdom number 7.

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