Top 15 non-Facebook games on Facebook

Check out how non-Facebook games were doing in the first 6 months of 2010 on Facebook!!

Top 15 non-Facebook games on Facebook

As you have probably seen in our yesterdays article on “Top Facebook pages of media companies and their recent growth”, we have decided to launch small researches of different areas on Facebook. Today we decided it would be nice to give you an overview of the top fan pages of games on Facebook, but not of Facebook games like FarmVille and Texas Hold’em, but purely non-Facebook games.

So let’s do this! The first place is occupied by a mysterious game The Artifice. It is very interesting that this game has not been released yet and its official Facebook page has already reached 3.8 million fans. In the Artifice you will find yourself in a virtual world in which you became a legend. It combines all social features that are well-know in other Facebook games like FarmVille and the others, although authors have not revealed much information yet.
On the second positions is another well-known game called Guitar Hero from Activision. There were so many parts which are too hard to recognize. Guitar Hero has 1 380 297 fans and its developers are posting content about all the games platforms ( PC, Xbox 360, PS3, handhelds, wireless ).

The Sims 3 is camping on the third place. EA must be proud of their most beloved social simulation. We would not be surprised if The Sims 3 showed as Facebook game in the Nera future, especially considering EA bought Playfish. Actually it would be great!

Legendary Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is battling on the fourth place. It is strange that the best action shooter is not on the top. In this case we do not have to expect that developers would developer an awesome FPS on Facebook. Facebook is probably not a proper platform for fast moving action shooters.

Other positions are full of different titles including the second part of The Sims 2 or the first episode of Modern Warfare series. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer is the only football game which broke through on the seventh position with 668 231 fans. It really is awesome how far football goes and its popularity will go up for sure.

Last places are occupied by old hits like Crash Bandicoot or famous Icy Tower with 553 248 fans. We can see a trend in deleting fan’s pages of their favorite games to the prejudice of official pages of developers which are sometimes not capable of making a huge communities on Facebook.

These statistics show us a huge popularity in gaming and generally in games industry, which is still going up. People are interested in playing both high-quality games and casual titles, and we are really glad to see these changes. As we can see with current Xbox integration, and the popularity of these games, Facebook is definitely the main future platform for playing games.

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