Success of brands on Facebook revealed – what people look at the most on Facebook Brand pages?

Many marketers approach us with a question, how to achieve the highest Facebook engagement rate. Socialbakers as leading social media analytics company brings this knowledge based on Engagement Analytics we use to measure statistics for every Facebook page.

Success of brands on Facebook revealed – what people look at the most on Facebook Brand pages?

There are multiple best practices and approaches how to achieve high Facebook engagement rate. Today we want to cover all of them to help you get your figures by the end of the year!

The most frequent question we get asked is: what drives high engagement rate of Facebook pages? In order to answer, we have looked at the most engaging Facebook pages and statistics of the post type that these pages use the most often to get such a high engagement. In almost 70% of cases, the brands on Facebook use photos and albums and it works! These posts receive the highest engagement the brand achieved in the entire month.

Look at the below table further as we have more supporting evidence to share with you. No matter whether your brand has large or average fan base on Facebook, you can still achieve high engagement and convert your fans to super fans that buy and recommend your product! If you manage larger fan base, try to use status in combination to photo as your next wall post update and you will see the great results!

In your next Facebook campaign, don’t forget the result of Socialbakers Engagement Analytics – use more photos to engage more fans with your brand page on Facebook.

If you want to measure the success of your next campaign, sign up for our free 14-day trial and start using Socialbakers Engagement Analytics that help you achieve your desired results! Two weeks are just enough to get your numbers by the end of the year!

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