What Facebook brand pages have the best “People Talking About” number?

All year long, Socialbakers has been bringing you the most fresh Facebook statistics of top brands. Now, with the new "People talking about" metric, we are able to see which brands were able to make their fans create newsfeed stories, interact, and like their business to their friends. This month, retail businesses are watching their stats closely, so we decided to help you out and prepare ranks of the most successful ones. Watch us in the New Year; we’ll be back with some fascinating results!

What Facebook brand pages have the best “People Talking About” number?

Socialbakers integrated the new Facebook metric “People Talking About This” under our Engagement Analytics and also in ranks on Socialbakers.com (in cases of some pages, still being loaded) so we can share with you this interesting view along with other important Facebook brands performance indicators.

Brands on Facebook, which gained the highest absolute number of People Talking About represent mostly the Customer Goods sector. This comes as no big surprise, given social media campaigns that most of these brands are very good at. Not only Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, and Dove, but also Walmart, and Macy’s put effort into Christmas branding and attractive Facebook landing pages that really works!

Apart from the traditional Facebook Christmas stars, our second table shows what brands were able to get people to create story about their brand as a percentage of their actual brand’s fans. Telecom, Consumer Goods, Electronics as well as Fashion are the most successful here.

So will the Christmas marketing messages on Facebook pay off? The best how to find out is to monitor the real statistics with us. Try Socialbakers Engagement Analytics today and get your desired social media results.

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