Top brands on Google+ suddenly stopped growing! Why? [Hot Statistics]

Using the Google+ Statistics on Socialbakers, we have identified that Google+ brand pages are quite a new thing, and it doesn't surprise us, that the growth is slow. What did surprise us that many of the Google+ brands started really growing a couple weeks ago quite heavily. At first we didn't know why the pages suddenly start growing, but then we saw the Pay-per-Click ads in the search for the different fan pages (see screenshot), and we don't know if this was a freebie by Google, but the brands suddenly stopped growing.

Top brands on Google+ suddenly stopped growing! Why? [Hot Statistics]

The top Google+ brands such as H&M, Amazon, and Dell were able to lure stable increase of followers especially during the December Holiday season, where the brands promotion peaked. Looking at the sudden stop of growth at the begging of January opens quite a lot of questions about the Google+ ability to sustain the competitive battle with other social network giants. Even though brands’ followers are evidently consuming the momentum, which top retailers were able to create around the Christmas-holiday buzz, followers of some leading Google+ account are quite stable in their opinion. A lot of this seems to be paid traffic, and the growth immediatelly stopped when the brands stopped advertising.

It is obvious that Google+ should be able to maintain organic growth of the brands, and it is yet unclear if the social network can tackle that.

In contrast, Britney Spears followers are steadily growing at it might be that Google+ will profile as social network for personal profiles.

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