Facebook grew 7 users per second all of 2011 [Special Infographic]

Facebook is growing 7 users per second and so is growing its importance in inbound marketing strategies for brands and businesses globally. Much faster growth across Facebook countries, industries, pages, places and many more in 2011 predicts even greater impact of this social platform.

Facebook grew 7 users per second all of 2011 [Special Infographic]

At Socialbakers, we started a nice tradition of bringing you Facebook Yearbook Infographic, which maps growth, top ranks of countries, brands, public figures, and most checked-in places and pinpoints interesting social media statistics. The Facebook statistics of age distribution shows the fastest growth in marginal age ranges of young people and elderly (more than 50%) which indicates Facebook penetration to grow in these groups as well. Remarkable fact is that more than a half (55%) of total Facebook users are (only) in top 10 countries led by USA, Indonesia, India and Brazil. Top 10 Facebook brands increased by 69% and the top public figures gained 213 million of new fans, which represents growth of more than 107%.

I am sure, sooner or later; we will see Facebook crossing another milestones, which Socialbakers statistics are going to measure.

Note: Remember that Facebook always counts the total metric they are displaying as Monthly Active Users (MAU), not total users as some other social networks do. Twiter’s 100 million monthly active users is the only close equivalent, otherwise with Google+, we have so far heard only total “accounts”, which is a very different metric. Facebook from that point of view might have billions of accounts.

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