How to use YouTube for promoting your brand? [Socialbakers YouTube statistics & social media tips]

YouTube channels are definitely an exciting place to be for brands, and obviously the increased popularity of YouTube for brands is driven by videos, which perfectly convey message and increase engagement. Still, you may probably ask: “How do I use YouTube for my brand”?

How to use YouTube for promoting your brand? [Socialbakers YouTube statistics & social media tips]

At Socialbakers, you can find ranks of different channels on youtube in our YouTube statistics section, find the top brand, and soon even by product category (you can easily suggest new channels or add them into existing categories), and learn from the successful strategies that these brands use when creating content for their YouTube video. Here are 5 tips you should definitely try:

1. Use creative content to promote your next campaign.

Let’s have a look at YouTube statistics in automobile category. Volkswagen is leading the rank with more than 73 million video views. Look at Socialbakers Volkswagen YouTube statistics below – curious what caused this jump over the past days? Funny commercial, “The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser” inviting customers to the party, which is inspired by Star Wars movie. Well, obviously it works!

2. Make your product useful.

Remind your fans and customers, how they can use your product every day. Pick casual and also extraordinary situations from people’s life and demonstrate your product’s ideal fit. Look at Nokia commercial in Socialbakers YouTube statistics for electronics.

3. Connect your brand with customers’ emotions.

Social media have the power to connect and endorse. Get inspired by Nike Football in YouTube statistics for fashion.

4. Talk about what’s new.

Use video whenever you would like to showcase new product. Videos can be very appealing and natural especially if you want to encourage customers to try something new. Follow Socialbakers YouTube statistics in food retail.

5. Advertise on YouTube

Not many of the viral videos can get really good without seeding, so definitely pay for those sponsored videos, pre-rolls, and other things YouTube has to offer in terms of advertising, they will all be worth it.

Source: YouTube, Volkswagen USA: The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser

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