H&M Beats Burberry on Twitter and Google+

Two ends of the fashion industry represented by their strong brands have surprisingly very similar life in their social media channels.

H&M Beats Burberry on Twitter and Google+

Socialbakers Twitter statistics and Google+ statistics show that H&M, the fast fashion retailer surpasses Burberry, Britain’s luxury heritage brand. At this point, every marketing professional would be temped to ask: what reasons and strategies lie behind these social media statistics?

The answer can be found at Socialbakers statistics sections for Twitter and Google+. Let’s have a look at Twitter first. Statistics of H&M Twitter Followers in the last 30 days show the same pattern of steady growth as Burberry Twitter Followers; yet their social media activity is different. H&M tweets 3 times more than Burberry does! Clearly, if number of fans in social networks is the only reflection of fans real purchase decisions, then the low-end fashion brands must try much harder to achieve the same results as luxury brands. (We know that brand engagement is another important factor to consider.)

Graph 1: Comparison of H&M and Burberry profiles on Twitter

The gap between these two brands is much more significant on Google+ though. From what we observed, H&M actively promotes it’s Google+ profile on Twitter, which is very wise approach when brand wants to make the most out of the different communication strategies these two social networking platforms represent.

So what social media approach will you use for your brand next time?

Graph 2: Comparison of H&M and Burberry profiles on Google+

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