Facebook Statistics: Top growing countries in January

Get unique inside into the top countries with the fastest user growth on Facebook – brought to you by Socialbakers.

Facebook Statistics: Top growing countries in January

Socialbakers brings you social media statistics for all platforms, and especially the most important, our hottest Facebook statistics. Socialbakers measures the fastest user growth on Facebook in different countries. In January 2012, Colombia moves to the top while strong countries from previous months, such as United Kingdom and Turkey didn’t make it to the list of top 15 by growth this time.

Often times, Socialbakers social media country statistics point out on Brazil, India and Indonesia as top Facebook countries to watch. An astonishing absolute growth of ~1–3 million new users in January confirms these countries will remain among the world growth winners.

A closer look at the European countries in the top growing rank will catch your attention. Two countries – Germany and Poland grew almost 500k and 300k users respectively in one single month! Already current users in Germany and Poland are very active in social media and we predict these countries to grow even further. This month, we recorded quite a rapid growth in another Facebook country – in Japan. Japan still probably needs to speed up a bit, but considering the late Facebook entry into this market and dominant position of local networking site Mixi, the numbers have still very positive interpretation.

So which country do you think will make it to the top in the next month?

If you are interested in seeing more trends, visit Socialbakers Facebook statistics by countries, and get daily updated figures about every Facebook country.

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