Breaking news: Starbucks first brand to reach 10 million fans on Facebook!

Starbucks is the first brand on Facebook that has reached over 10 million fans on Facebook. We’re sure others will follow.

Breaking news: Starbucks first brand to reach 10 million fans on Facebook!

Yes, it’s true. And we are very happy that is the first to inform on this! One brand – a coffee company – Starbucks, reached 10 million Facebook fans just today, just now. This means that an overall of over 2% of all Facebook users are fans of Starbucks.

The Starbucks fan page, the largest brand fan page on Facebook according to our manually selected Top brands on Facebook, has doubled in fans and grew over 5 million of them just this year!

Think globally, act locally

Starbucks has already realized that being global isn’t enough on Facebook. This is why they started local pages to represent them in different countries. Adding them up, their local pages now have around 1 million fans and the Starbucks global Facebook page is growing one fan per 3 seconds since January!

Other brands should definitely get inspired by building their local pages, as the message that a “global” brand page can deliver you is very limited. The local page can deliver local, specific information to one local community.

Interesting fact, the highest number of Starbucks fans per Facebook penetration in that country is in Hong Kong, where almost 3% of the Facebook users are fans of Starbucks.

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