Top 15 Facebook Brand Pages by Engagement Rate [Socialbakers Pro]

Top ranks presented by Socialbakers Engagement Analytics

Top 15 Facebook Brand Pages by Engagement Rate [Socialbakers Pro]

Today, we have compiled the list of the TOP15 most engaging brand pages on Facebook, check it out!

For many marketers, Engagement Rate is already one of the top stats to monitor in social media. Socialbakers now monitors Engagement Rate both on Facebook, and on Twitter. The way Socialbakers Engagement Analytics Pro calculates Engagement Rate is that we take the number of interactions to a post (likes and comments) and divide it by the number of fans = and you get an Engagement Rate for 1 post, and when you divide that by the pages posts, you get the average Engagement Rate.

We have prepared the list of the top 15 Facebook brand pages by Engagement Rate, which you can see in the table below. Many of these brands already used Socialbakers Analytics Pro to measure themselves. Especially big brands with multiple international and local Facebook profiles.

Why use Socialbakers Engagement Analytics Pro for your pages?

  • You instantly know how your fans react to your products and content you send through your fan page.
  • It gives you answers on whether your local engagement is higher then your local engagement
  • Dashboard of your competitors, content, and their engagement rate, and what they have launched

Sign up for Socialbakers Analytics 14-day free trial and get the results for your brand right away! Socialbakers Analytics works for Facebook and Twitter pages.

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