Top Alcohol Brands on Facebook: Can Budweiser beat leading Heineken?

Today, we decided to show you another great social media ranking that we monitor on Socialbakers - this time our focus is on Facebook statistics for the alcohol industry.

Top Alcohol Brands on Facebook: Can Budweiser beat leading Heineken?

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Right, now let’s have a closer look at top performing Facebook brands by the number of fans and growth statistics. Alcohol brands and beer in particular represent very dynamic and engaged sector in the social media. These brands’ positioning and campaigns are often linked with friends, joy or even luxury – associations, which trigger reasonably high engagement rates, as you may notice in our table below. Beer, very popular low alcoholic leisure time drink, leads the Facebook rank by fan base with: Heineken, Kingfisher, and Skol.

If you look at our growth graph, you can notice some beer brands (Budweiser Brazil) aggressively growing their fan base by more than 50% every month! If this trend continues, the positions in the general rank won’t be left unaffected and Socialbakers statistics will immediately reflect that!

We can also clearly see the trend in local markets, that local Facebook pages have a much higher Engagement then global pages, and as such the earlier move by Heineken to globalize their presence might have put them in the lead, but decreased their Engagement Rate across all markets by more then 75%.

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