An effective Facebook Branding Strategy with and without the Facebook’s Timeline

The transition to Facebook Timeline separated its users into two groups – one that loves and welcomes the change and one that hates it and prefers the good old Facebook. The benefit for companies will be huge and we think marketers should definitely start to take advantage of it. It would indisputably help create an effective branding strategy on Facebook.

An effective Facebook Branding Strategy with and without the Facebook’s Timeline

It’s the packaging that sells. The new Facebook Timeline knows how to do the “packaging” better than the “old Facebook” but it’s available only to personal profiles at this point. Hopefully it’s just a question of time until it will be dedicated to Facebook Pages as well because it offers a great social media branding potential. The Car manufacturer Lexus is probably quite impatient because it released an app called Points of No Return presenting the company’s history in “Facebook Timeline” style.

For now you have to build an effective branding strategy using all there is: Landing Page, Profile Picture, Banner Images, Custom Tabs and Applications, Interactive incentives, Videos and more!

Landing Page: This is a great way to introduce your brand to potential Fans and customers. The Landing Page will welcome your visitors, make things more personal, express your brands image and style, show off your logo in a creative way and offer your Fans an added value. Transform the Landing Page into an engaging platform full of videos, games, competitions, discounts etc. that will give Facebook users a reason to Like and love your Page. What’s more, engagement rates measured by Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO shows that Facebook brand pages with a Landing Page have the Engagement Rate much higher!

Profile Picture: The Profile Picture can be made tall for more images, text or a logo and it can even include an incentive like “click here for more information, photo gallery etc.”

Banner Images: The smaller spaces for 5 banner images at the top normally work as a preview of the latest uploaded pictures but try using them creatively – maybe even linking them somehow to the Profile Picture!

Custom Tabs and Applications: You can customize them for contests, your e-shop, tips, campaigns, store locator, product browser, loyalty membership or downloadable content so that your Fans can carry you as their mobile wallpaper or laptop screensaver. You can also place these things on your Landing Page.

Videos and Pictures: Make things interactive and ask your Fans to post pictures and videos using your products or services. In case your Facebook wall will look empty just add some pictures or videos from your company, from the product line, the office or your corporate events.

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