Socialbakers Helps You Out With Effective Facebook Advertising

Socialbakers Helps You Out With Effective Facebook Advertising image

Even the world’s largest marketer Procter & Gamble started moving advertising investments from traditional to social media.

Their CEO Robert McDonald said: “In the digital space, with things like Facebook and Google and others, we find that the return on investment of the advertising, when properly designed, when the big idea is there, can be much more efficient.” It was probably the successful Old Spice campaign with 1. 8 billion free impressions that made Procter & Gamble change it´s mind.

Do you know what makes advertising with Facebook and Socialbakers expertise a great couple? The data! Data that’s essential for targeting the right people. Socialbakers helps you understand what your audience is like by providing you with valuable insights into your brands social media performance via statistics and data. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO in order to start monitoring your audience in terms of their engagement with your brand. Facebook advertising allows you to use the provided insight to target your ad´s audience by criteria like age, gender, location, education, likes and interests etc.

Make sure you effectively define your audience by trying out free Facebook advertising. Watch out for special promotions that give out coupon codes that work as credit for your advertising on Facebook. Until then check out Analytics PRO – now even Analytics for Twitter!

What does it take to make an impact?


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