TOP 10 Facebook Industries by Engagement Rate [Hot Industry Analytics by Socialbakers PRO]

Today, Socialbakers talks about the secrets behind high Facebook engagement rate and how to achieve it for your brand.

TOP 10 Facebook Industries by Engagement Rate [Hot Industry Analytics by Socialbakers PRO]

Which global Facebook industries were able to engage fans and users the most in the past month? Socialbakers Analytics PRO brings you the answer by analyzing all the different industries and measuring their engagement rate.

Our findings show that the most engaging brands belong to these categories: Sport, Retail, and Automobile followed by Alcohol, Airlines and Services. If you take a look at our research from last year, you can notice quite a shift in the rank. Almost all industries increased their average engagement rate percentage, notably Retail and Automobile, which more than doubled their numbers.

Clearly, marketers and brand owners from many Facebook industries are starting to realize the potential of targeted communication and its impact on the fans’ engagement. Most of the businesses in social media today are following the trend of shifting to local strategies for their global brands. Local Facebook pages work better than the larger global ones. They hold an ultimate advantage in providing more relevant content and in facilitating connections more effectively; two factors that drive engagement of the page and consequently the industry overall.

Why should marketers monitor their brands’ engagement rate as well as the industry s’ engagement rate? Knowing the engagement of your relevant industry works as valuable benchmarking for your business. You can asses your performance and understand what social media strategies are important for achieving your goals. Socialbakers Engagement Analytics can help you out. With our PRO solution you can assess your current performance, get competitive insights and benchmark your page with the whole industry.

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