Shhh,….Facebook Marketing Secrets & Ideas

Generate more traffic and Engagement Rate with these Marketing Secrets & Ideas revealed to you. Did you know that Facebook’s happiest day is Friday?

Shhh,….Facebook Marketing Secrets & Ideas

Become more creative on Fridays! According to Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, Facebook readers are most happy on Fridays: “Facebook has a Happiness Index that shows a spike of 10% on Fridays. As a marketer you can take advantage of this increase in sentiment by doing something creative.” Plus the Engagement Rates on Thursdays and Fridays are 18% higher than other days of the week!

Milestones exist to be celebrated! Everyone loves to celebrate no matter what the day is so find a good reason to spread the news no matter if it’s small or big or if it’s a milestone reached by your brand our Fans. Perhaps you can celebrate your 500th Fan by giving out a prize or offering a discount.

Try out Facebook’s Sponsored Stories! This new form of advertising is the new “word of mouth” that drives awareness and engagement with your business. When someone Likes your Page, interacts with your application or checks-in to one of your locations a story about this activity will be generated on their friends´ News Feeds. Sponsored Stories are placed on the right column of Facebook Pages, which makes them more visible and prominent.

Create a buzz around a Contest giving out a prize your Fans are interested in. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, for e.g. if you have a candy shop your Fans will appreciate a box of sweets as the winning prize. Organizing a photo contest or video contest can make your Fans share the contest with other friends. Or you can ask your Fans for ideas how to make your products or services better and reward the best one. To gain your Fans trust, don’t forget to apply it as well. Your Facebook relationship should be beneficial for both your Fans and your brand.

Facebook Marketing secrets and ideas are of no use when you don’t know who your audience is: “Measure your Facebook marketing efforts as well as you can. Measure unique users, fans, conversions, clicks, activity, retention, loyalty and many other metrics.” says Jan Rezab, CEO and co-founder of Socialbakers. It’s important in order to understand your Fans and come with an even better targeted offer.

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