4 Electronic Brands Who Rule at Black Friday Marketing

Use this opportunity to discover new ideas from the most popular electronic brands for your Black Friday strategy this year. But first, you can take your first step finding out where you stand in our performance quadrant report.

4 Electronic Brands Who Rule at Black Friday Marketing

Among the top 25 pages during Black Friday 2018, the quadrant reports below show the best electronic brands based on audience engagement and the number of posts. Hunters can craft a refined Black Friday strategy that can attract high engagement and post the right content. While Rookies are still discovering the vast social media opportunities for Black Friday.


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In the meantime, find out how these successful electronic brands landed in their categories last Black Friday.



PlayStation’s global Facebook page consists of a variety of Black Friday posts that showcase popular games. What’s interesting is that PlayStation España’s Instagram managed to outperform PlayStation’s global Instagram. Even though PlayStation’s global Instagram has significantly more followers, engagement is higher on PlayStation España’s Instagram.

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As one of Microsoft’s most profitable products, Xbox gamers get excited for unique deals on Black Friday every year. Xbox created a Black Friday campaign for their new Xbox Game Pass for as little as a dollar. As a Hunter on Facebook, this campaign offers something new and different compared to its competitors.

Advice: If there are many competitors in the same category as you, discover your performance compared to your social competition. You can use this information to reshape your Black Friday strategy this year.



The Nintendo Switch has captured not only children’s gaming hearts but adults as well. Every Black Friday, Nintendo always offers a sweet bundle for retailers to sell, and families still use this chance to grab the exclusive deal.

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You cannot deny how engaging GoPro’s posts are. This post received over 76.7k interactions and has the highest engagement on Instagram on the quadrant report. One of the main reasons is that their Black Friday strategy is to offer a free battery and SD card so their customers can use their new GoPro right away.

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The Takeaway

Whether it’s upgrading to a curved TV or purchasing the latest Nintendo Switch bundle, shoppers are always excited to upgrade their electronics on Black Friday. For marketers, the holidays are an opportunity to use their best strategies to create the ultimate Black Friday strategy.

You can start by finding out where you currently stand amongst your competitors this year — Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report.

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