Top 10 car makers on Facebook in last 6 months

Check the most visible car makers on Facebook out according to!

Top 10 car makers on Facebook in last 6 months

We are pretty sure that the best cars are going forward as fast as Facebook in the world and that’s why we decided to take a closer look at the most visited brands of car makers on Facebook.

BMW is unfalteringly sitting on the Top as the best car maker in the world and 1 200 600 fans on its official Facebook page is a reliable proof of that. High profile brand connected with the highest quality products make from BMW a genuine diamond admired by most fans on Facebook. BMW company is working very hard on all marketing channels including Facebook as well. We wish we could say that about all companies.

The second most visible car brand is famous Ferrari. Everybody is dreaming about an own car and most of us are dreaming about Ferrari cars. This beauty rules the world. Even though Ferrari cars are very expensive the official page has an amazing number of fans. However not everyone has Ferrari in the garage. Such a strong brand is admired by 1 046 360 fans on Facebook and you will probably agree with me if I say that Ferrari deserves all fame.

The third position is surprisingly occupied by Audi, which also owns the label of the fastest cars in the world. Audi cars are very expensive. On the other hand they are still admired by 954 216 fans and be sure that everyone of them would like to have one. Audi also is a very notorious spot for dangerous drivers.

The topic “Top 10 cars on Facebook” could not be without one very strong brand in the USA. Harley-Davidson is a legendary company which is famous for its motor bikes. 934 581 fans is a nice number and this cult will definitely growth yet.

The fifth position is a quite big surprise. We would wait a larger audience from well-known Lamborghini brand. This Italian car maker built up one of the most expensive and the most beautiful cars in the world. All of 909 783 fans definitely do not have Lamborghini and 99% from them are only looking at their dream car.

Other brands are again occupied by expensive cars. There is a trend in this. Most people can not afford such a car and they fill their dreams on Facebook to start with. Only two usual car makers made it to the Top 10. Ford and Volkswagen made to break through the top and ended up in two last places. More usual cars do not have so many fans on Facebook because of their commonness.

UPDATE: We apologize for not adding Jaguar to the top 10. This car maker would be on the tenth place.

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