Who are the Most Engaging Twitter and Facebook Celebrities?

Monitoring celebrities’ performance in social media can be really useful for companies and brands.

Who are the Most Engaging Twitter and Facebook Celebrities?

According to Socialbakers statistics, celebrities and public personas have the most followed Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. At the beginning of 2012 we published an infographic where you could see Facebook pages of Eminem, Rihanna and Justin Bieber growing more than 100% over the year. Altogether, the top 10 public figures gained 213M new fans in 2011!

At this point many marketers would ask: Who are the top celebs today and what is there to learn for brands and companies in social media from them?

They were all talking about Whitney…

When analyzing the “performance” of celebrities on Facebook and Twitter we will notice their profiles are not much different. Yet, they are able to reach and engage the masses. Here is the secret: providing more personal information and allowing fans to access their personal life. And if its genuine followers will always reward you. Bruno Mars commenting on the death of Whitney Houston was retweeted 9,327 times!

The message for companies and brands is quite straightforward: use the celebrity approach and be honest and credible in your communication. It will pay off.

All these statistics come from Socialbakers Analytics PRO, which is now available for analyzing Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Don’t hesitate to sign up for FREE 14-day trial of Engagement Analytics PRO and get your brand analyzed!

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