Which Retailers engage Facebook Fans on Valentine´s Day?

Valentine´s Day is a great marketing opportunity for businesses and a great incentive to engage Fans on social media. Which retailers know how to celebrate the month of love the best?

Which Retailers engage Facebook Fans on Valentine´s Day?

Socialbakers compared Facebook brands´ statistics from February 2011 and February 2012 in terms of retail brands engaging Fans on Facebook. Some brands engaged their Fans both last and this year, some lost the Valentine´s spirit from last year and others just found it. Here are some examples based on Socialbakers statistics.

Macy´s celebrates Valentine´s Day every year…and for a good cause

Macy´s, America´s popular department store, has built a great tradition of donating money to the American Heart Association´s Go Red For Women movement every Valentine’s Day. It engages its Fans to help donate $250, 000 to a movement dedicated to fighting heart disease. All they have to do is to send a free Valentine conversation heart through Macy´s Facebook Page or Tweet or reTweet #heart or @Macy’s. They can also benefit from a Valentine´s discount exclusive for its Facebook Fans or get inspired by the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with ideas for presents.

Macy´s is also doing a great job in leading a dialogue with its Fans by posting things like: “Have you sent a conversation heart yet? Let someone special know you’re thinking of them while supporting the fight against heart disease!” or “Treat your sweetheart to a special champagne toast. What’s your favorite V-Day memory?” According to Socialbakers Facebook statistics, Macy´s is the 7th biggest retail brand on Facebook with almost 4,5 million Fans. It´s Engagement Rate is high and consistent in February, the month of love.

Meijer lost a bit of its Valentine´s sparkle

Meijer is another American retailer that knows how to engage its Fans but Socialbakers data show a lower Engagement Rate than last February. Did Meijer loose the Valentine´s spirit? Not really, it did create a few interesting posts like: “Best Valentine you’ve ever received? (I’ve got to go with this “bat” valentine from my 5-year old)” with a picture of the Valentine gift or “Like this if you would rather get chocolate than flowers” Too bad it didn’t continue in this trend because Meijer proved it has creative ideas.


Rustan´s found its Valentine´s Spirit


Rustan´s is a luxury department store situated in the Philippines. This year it came up with a Love Snapshot Contest asking its Fans to strike a pose at their Valentine Photo Wall in one of their department stores for a chance to win a luxury fragrance. It also engages its Fans to contribute money to endangered Wildlife with every purchase. Rustan´s promotes it´s Valentine´s Day products on Facebook and reminds its Fans that February is also heart month raising awareness to the no. 1 killer of women – heart disease. All this leads to a significant raise in their Engagement Rate making them not only Valentine´s Day conscious.

Overall most of the retail brands on Facebook have a higher Engagement Rate this February which shows how businesses are learning to take their social media performance seriously. Socialbakers monitors the Engagement Rate on Facebook pages and provides valuable data and insight into the social media audiences. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to get started! And great news – Engagement Analytics expanded to Analytics for Twitter!

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