How to Measure & Engage Your Audience with Socialbakers Analytics PRO

Socialbakers monitors and assesses your social media performance in order for you to see what kind of engagement works for your Fans and how you can adjust your strategy to perfection.

How to Measure & Engage Your Audience with Socialbakers Analytics PRO

Check out 3 Socialbakers’ key practices that work best in measuring & engaging your audience [PROVEN]:

#1 Measure your Facebook marketing efforts with key social media metrics

Adopt the best strategy by measuring your Facebook marketing efforts every day. Socialbakers PRO empowers you to understand your brand’s social media performance and implement an outstanding strategy thanks to our key social media metrics.

Check out the list of key Socialbakers social media metrics and use them if you want to achieve the best results for your brand in social media!

Fan Growth: visualizes the number of people clicking on the Like button of your Page and hence becoming your Fans. Socialbakers also measures your average Fan growth speed by day, week and month.

Engagement Rate (ER): measures to what extent your Fans are engaging with your Posts by Liking or commenting on it. It shows the percentage of your Fan base that interacts on average with you Posts. The average Engagement Rate is calculated by dividing the number of Likes and Comments by the number of Fans.

Response Rate (RR): shows how promptly your Page admin responds and reacts to the Posts sent to its wall. It’s expressed by a percentage of how well the Page is doing in leading a dialogue with people. But be aware – sometimes it’s wiser to give them some time to exchange opinions between each other before you enter the discussion.

Most Engaging Post Types: this metric shows you which of your Posts engage your Fans the most! You can then adjust your strategy according to which Posts are the most popular with your Fans – do they engage more with your pictures, videos, links or questions? Generally it’s the photos and albums that get the highest Engagement Rate but find out what works the best for your own business.

Socialbakers Analytics PRO enables you to fully understand your social media audience. It will help you come up with a targeted offer that will gain your brand more fans and provide your business with more customers!

#2 Localize your social media strategy

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make in social media is that they are not thinking local enough. The results of our recent statistics research show that local pages work better in engaging fans than global ones!

Why is it so important to get local?

• It enables you to address topics that are more relevant to your audience.

• It´s easier to engage an audience with local content and language. Did you know that Socialbakers is now tweeting for the German audience under @SocialbakersDE?

• People that are geographically closer to each other tend to have more in common and engage more together.

#3 Benchmark your brand against your competitors

A piece of advice from the Socialbakers CEO, Jan Rezab: “Competitor analysis using social media is absolutely possible and absolutely critical.”

With Socialbakers PRO, you gain access to important data across different industry verticals enabling you to compare your own social media performance with your competitors. Whether your brand is in the airline, automotive, telecommunications, fashion, FMCG or any other industry our Engagement Analytics PRO will keep you informed about your competitor’s moves and help you work out your marketing strategy to perfection.

Check out the Socialbakers metrics by signing-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO! And great news – Engagement Analytics expanded to Analytics for Twitter!

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