Facebook Pages Grow Faster with Landing Tabs

Some Facebook Pages have them and some don’t. But according to Socialbakers analytics, they definitely convert more Facebook users into Fans. What are we talking about? Your customized Landing Tab!

Facebook Pages Grow Faster with Landing Tabs

You only have one chance to make an impression on Facebook users which means that the Facebook wall doesn’t have to be the right choice. Instead, try welcoming them with a customized Landing Tab preferably including an incentive to Like you. The incentive could either be a discount, access to your catalogue, professional tips or anything else you can offer as an added value to your new Facebook Fans.

Your Landing Tab = Your Business Card

Your new welcome Landing Tab should work as your business card. It should have your logo, branding colors and attractive images and at the same time stay simple. Express your personality but be genuine about it. Sometimes Facebook Pages want to say too much via their welcome Landing Tab and the visitor doesn´t even get the message. Plus you can always navigate your new Fans to a Facebook tab with more detailed information.

Neutrogena welcomes everyone!

Neutrogena´s Facebook Page is a great example of how you can satisfy both Fans and non-Fans at the same time. Neutrogena fan-gated special content by reminding Facebook users to Like the Page if they want to gain access to special offers, discounts, exclusive content and especially expert tips for healthy skin and hair. Make them feel that Liking your Facebook Page will make them a VIP member of your community. At the same time, leave some content on your welcome tab that is not conditioned by clicking on the Like button. Navigate them to your brand´s website with attractive content to make them Like your Facebook Page on their way back.

According to Socialbakers research, Facebook Pages with welcome Landing Tabs grow faster than those that navigate Facebook users directly to their wall. They are critical in converting new visitors into Fans. To see what your competition is doing about this, sign-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO! Socialbakers Analytics enables you to monitor your competitor´s tabs to see if they have launched any new ones or changed their Landing Tab.

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