How to avoid the Biggest Facebook Mistakes

The less Facebook mistakes you will make, the higher your Engagement rate will be. Socialbakers brings you 5 mistakes you need to avoid in order to ensure an engaging relationship with your Facebook Fans.

How to avoid the Biggest Facebook Mistakes

1. Having a Facebook Page is cool but you need to work it

It’s not cool to have a Facebook Page just because everyone else has it. Once you create one, your company needs to learn how to gain and communicate with Facebook Fans. Many companies acknowledge this to the extent that they hire people especially for this job. And don’t forget Socialbakers can help you manage your Facebook Pages with Socialbakers Engagement Builder PRO.

2. Promoting too much instead of creating a community

You will definitely not engage your Facebook Fans just by posting links to your website and talking about your products or services. That is one of the biggest Facebook mistakes you can make because Facebook is a community that needs to be stimulated with diverse content. Facebook Fans engage the most with pictures and albums but they also love when you ask them questions, raise different topics etc. Imagine yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what would get you engaged!

3. Spamming your Facebook Fans

Each social media platform is designed for something else. Each social media platform is designed for something else. Twitter is a place for updates letting you Tweet up to 7–9 times a day (depending on the time zones your business operates in). Facebook on the other hand is meant for sharing content, conversations and connecting with people. But your Facebook Fans will not appreciate their News Feeds getting spammed. Socialbakers uses a metric called Page Posts (PP) to measure how many posts are published on the Page in a certain period of time. It showed that 2 posts a day are just enough for a nice Engagement Rate.

4. Fighting with your Facebook Fans

Sometimes posts can engage your Facebook Fans too much and they get into a fight even between each other. In that case, let them cool down before you join the discussion and definitely don’t argue with them. As they say, customers are always right. Oh and never delete Facebook posts that are negative towards your company because that can really hurt the trust between you and your Facebook Fans.

5. Ignoring your Facebook Fans

The success of a Facebook Page is also expressed by your Response Rate. Socialbakers uses this metric to measure how fast the admin of your Page responds and reacts to posts sent to your Facebook wall. What’s the point of having a Facebook Page when there’s no dialogue? Make sure you respond to posts from your Fans and don’t make them wait too long.

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