Google+ brands grow faster than brands on Twitter!

This is the first month in history where Google+ brands grow faster than brands on Twitter. Historical moment?

Google+ brands grow faster than brands on Twitter!

Google+ probably has long before it can beat Facebook in growth, but it already beat Twitter in one important area: Growth of brands. Twitter with its recent releases of new Twitter brand pages has tried to get closer to brands, but is failing to engage them further. Google+ on the other hand has engaged them very well, bringing in much faster growth than Twitter. In January, it was close, but in February, its clear that Google+ brands are growing several times faster.

You can see in our Twitter brand statistics section, that the speed of how Twitter profiles are growing per month / week / day, is quite slow:

Twitter brands growth

And here in these Google+ brand statistics, which you can find here, that the Google+ brands grow faster:

Google+ statistics

Bottom line, our Google+ statistics show that Google+ is growing faster than brands on Twitter. This is a major milestone, and other sections are close – Google+ might start growing faster in a very critical category for Twitter – Media. Good luck keeping it up, Google+, and good luck for Twitter to continue the recent innovations!


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