Bring Facebook to your website via Social Plug-ins

Does your brand use Social Plug-ins to connect your site with Facebook? In case you want to generate more Fans and traffic, your site should definitely plug-in!

Bring Facebook to your website via Social Plug-ins

Like Box

When the Facebook users see the Like Box on your website, they can find out that your brand is on Facebook, see how many Fans you have acquired and if any of their Friends are between them. And in case they will find familiar profile pictures in your Like Box, they are more likely to trust your brand, click on the Like button and join your Facebook Fan base. Doesn’t that just make things more personal? The Like Box is also very practical because Facebook users can Like your Page and read recent Facebook posts directly from your site.


This plug-in piles up all the profile pictures of your Fans that have Liked your Facebook Page or have signed up for your site. Again, in case users find a bunch of their Facebook Friends in that pile, they will most probably Like your Page even if only by curiosity.

Recommendations Box

The Recommendations Box literally recommends content to users by displaying what their Facebook Friends have shared with others. This should encourage users to consume the same article and in the best scenario to Like your Page in order to become your regular consumers and Fans. This plug-in is mainly effective on frequently visited websites by people who are active on Facebook.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed displays overall interaction with the content on your site. The users visiting your site will see if their Friends have engaged with your content by Liking it, commenting on it or sharing it. It has a similar effect as the Recommendations box encouraging users to engage with your brand and support it by their Likes. The Activity Feed box is personalized to the extent that when it runs out of recent activities it will fill in with their Friend´s recommendations.

Live Stream

In case your company is running events like concerts, conferences or live chats, plug in the Live Stream to share the activity and comments in real-time. This way you will engage your Facebook Fans and they won’t have to refresh the web page to see if the broadcast has started.

Comments Box

This box enables Facebook users to comment on content from your site. The story of the comment will then appear in their News Feed which can lead their friends to your site and eventually make them your new Facebook Fans. What’s great about this social plug-in is the chance to engage users in a discussion directly from their News Feed or from the Comments Box on your site. Threads stay synced regardless of where the comment was made.

The Facebook icon in the social plug-ins can look like home to many people. And all of them can increase your brand´s Engagement Rate and Fan growth. After you integrate them into your website, don’t forget to check out the metrics and your brand´s social media performance by signing-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO!

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