Five Things only Google+ can do for your Brand

According to Socialbakers, Google+ brands grow faster than brands on Twitter! So what can Google+ do for your brand?

Five Things only Google+ can do for your Brand

Organize your Fans into Groups

Facebook presents itself as a community as a whole but Google+ wants to break down users into smaller communities because it believes that’s how it works in real life – people, although friends, don’t have to share the same interests. This idea allows Google+ brands to share more personalized content with specific audiences. Your company can create Circles designed to meet different expectations from your fans and customers – do they want more insight into your company, some behind the scenes content, discounts or do they ask for more local information? Relevant content definitely triggers more fan engagement.

Hang out with your Fans

Thanks to Hangouts you can organize video chats with your fans. You can discuss your products via focus groups, talk about current issues in your industry, engage in some brainstorming for new ideas, discuss problems your customers are facing with your products or services etc. Or you can stream interviews with interesting guests, employees or company representatives with the chance of engaging your fans in a discussion.

Get recommended via the +1 Button

The +1 button is very powerful – it recommends content, products and brands to others. People tend to trust products and services more when they are recommended to them by people they know and this button is designed to share brand experience. Even advertising on Google+ is a social experience thanks to the +1 button added to the ad´s banner. Moreover, it supports higher ranking in search results and personalized search results.

Google+ Ripples

Google+ Ripples is a tool that helps you visualize how your post travels across the social network, how it has been shared from person to person. It enables you to identify which users are highly engaged with your content and who are your most influential fans so that you can target even more of your posts at them.

Google+ Direct Connect

This feature makes it easier for people to connect with your brand. When they enter “+” followed by the name of your Page into Google search, they will directly get navigated to your Google+ Page.

Socialbakers have measured that local pages are more engaging than global ones so you might want to create Circles according to countries or regions your fans come from. Check out our Google+ Statistics to see how brands are performing on this growing social network. And sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to see how your brand is doing on Facebook and Twitter on its own and compared to your competition.

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