What do the new Facebook changes mean for marketers? [Summary]

Here's a fresh update from fMC in the context of Socialbakers' statistics and Analytics.

What do the new Facebook changes mean for marketers? [Summary]

Yesterday, Facebook has released some new exciting things:

  • New design of Facebook pages to be consistent with Timeline
  • Reach Generator
  • Premium on Facebook

All of these elements are adding something new to the social graph, allowing clients to create a new centralized experience around their Facebook pages with the new design, and also amplifying the reach of customers by using the new advertising options on Facebook.

At Socialbakers, we focus and will continue to focus on analyzing Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and more for higher engagement. We built Socialbakers.com packed with free stats and our Socialbakers Analytics Pro products enable you to figure out what content is engaging and understand yours and your competitor´s social media performance. This is exactly why we can confirm that Ben & Jerry’s, as mentioned in the Facebook showcase, has really grown and has an Engagement Rate that is 5× bigger than before. This is something amazing that surely brings an added value to the Facebook pages.

According to Sheryl Sandberg, social media marketing is still at its 1% but these changes will definitely make it bigger allowing companies to amplify everything they have been doing and focusing on the content.

The focus on Content is core to the new Facebook. Content, and as Facebook calls it “Stories” have to be created to engage fans or otherwise it won’t work.

At Socialbakers, we will continue monitoring and measuring these changes and we will keep you updated on how it´s working for different pages. Stay tunned!


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