2 million fans of Nike Shoes vanished on Facebook!

The top news on current deleting 2 million fans of Nike Shoes!

2 million fans of Nike Shoes vanished on Facebook!

We have just tried to reach Nike Shoes fans page on Facebook and we couldn’t find it. I mean we could find one with like 40 000 fans, but 2 weeks ago, there was one with over 2 million fans! Our brand new Facebook Page Analyzer (alfa version released today on Facebakers.com ) revelead that 2 million fans of the page vanished in less than no time.

How is it possible that the official Nike Shoes Facebook page vanished so fast? Does Facebook have a hand in this mysterious disappearance? Or better, is it work of Nike employees who were so unsatisfied with shoes that they decided to commit a Facebook page suicide, by deleting one of the largest Facebook brand pages in the world? That’s the question.

We are sorry for them because they didn’t even leave “Goodbye” message and let the page go down. Their last post was a little too optimistic – they were promoting a competition in which you could win $200 Nike Gift Card for your favorite Nike gear. After that they also promised to start a new competition with even a bigger prize. Maybe it could also be because of the promotion guidelines?

Who could throw out 2 million fans into a trash can? It is a mystery, and we have reached out to both Nike and Facebook to comment this.

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