FanPage Analyzer alfa version out this week!

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FanPage Analyzer alfa version out this week!

Today, after months of development, we are launching one the most advanced Facebook page analytical tools – FanPage Analyzer. This piece of technology will give you more detailed insights into the core of your Facebook pages. The main difference between the Facebook insight is, that it gives detailed statistics not only on your pages, but also pages you don’t administrate, such as competition pages ( because it uses openly available information ).
In the FanPage Analyzer you will get an overview of many areas . It is very easy to handle it. You just add your page into the analyzer on and than you can observe top highlights that can influence your awareness of Facebook pages compared to competition.

FanPage Analyzer is free, but only this week, from next week we will introduce a licensing model with a 14 day trial.

Basic Statistics

Overview of fans and posts is on the first place in FanPage Analyzer. You can check weekly growths out or just see the difference between your content and your competitior’s content. We also added doughnut charts with detailed percentage view on rates of statuses, videos, links, albums and apps. It is really easy to handle FanPage Analyzer in terms of understanding of present circumstances.

Page and Posts Interaction Counter

The probably most interesting statistics that Analyzer offers is the number of interactions of your pages and below your posts. The more likes and comments you get, the more changes you see and your competitors may stay far behind you. We also make an effort to create overviews of interactions rates of your pages. You can again compare with a competitor and clearly see the difference.

Engagement Rate

Our FanPage Analyzer has many more functions. We reckon an engagement rate which is s result of number of interactions devided by total number of fans. You can than see which pages are most engaging. On the other hand when fans don’t interact – comment or don’t press “like” buttons your engagement rate will decline very fast. Be aware of it and always update your page with interesting news.

Page Alerts

And our FanPage Analyzer offers even more! We have prepared alerts for you in order to make you aware of faults that could hurt your Facebook page by declining interactions or number of fans. We have added three main warnings so far. When you don’t post often enough on your page or post news too often, you will receive a proper warning and you can correct it on time.

All these functions are essential for marketers and brand managers. FanPage Analyzer is the first tool in the world which provides such a comprehensive output of all analyses about added pages.

You should definitely check it out before the alfa version ends.

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