Socialbakers Analytics Pro is the standard for Twitter & Facebook comparisons

Which metrics are important in social marketing? Do you have issues with social reporting? Read on!!

Socialbakers Analytics Pro is the standard for Twitter & Facebook comparisons

Earlier this year, we at Socialbakers have expanded our Socialbakers Analytics PRO product to Twitter. We’ve been running it for Facebook pages for over a year and we felt we needed to take the product to other platforms. Socialbakers Analytics Pro is currently helping over 750 clients measure their Facebook presence. We thought that Twitter would be a small addition, but to our surprise, almost all of our clients have started adding and comparing Facebook pages with Twitter accounts. Wait, there is more…

Many of our clients have been asking us to standardize engagement metrics across both Facebook and Twitter – and as we reflect feedback on all our products, that´s exactly what we did. You already know that we consider the Engagement Rate as our key social metric for Facebook pages and we believe that apart from the number of fans, Engagement Rate is what you should monitor in the social media world. That´s why we decided to apply the metric that counts Comments and Likes (soon also Shares) on Facebook to Twitter where we can take into account Replies and Retweets – we simply standardized the metric to make it suitable for Twitter as well. This is awesome because it allows us to beautifully compare apples to apples although your customers engage with you on 2 different social media platforms. Of course, you can say it´s more like comparing apples to pears but it´s as close as you can get! And we are definitely not stopping here!

Important: 3 things to remember with social monitoring:

  1. You have to monitor cross-platforms and be able to compare your results based on 1 metric.
  2. As Facebook stated at the fMC conference last week, it´s critical to focus and monitor “What content is most engaging”. Socialbakers is the best platform in the world to monitor what content works for you and your competitors.
  3. It´s not enough to get reports in Excel – you need reports online, you need them emailed to you automatically so you can immediatelly pull, export and work with them.

You already know what we do at Socialbakers but in case you don´t, try out our Socialbakers Analytics PRO analytics platform. – the best one out there!

An example directly from Socialbakers – when we compare our Engagement Rate on Facebook and Twitter we can see that we engage our Fans on Facebook better than on Twitter by +130%.


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