Timeline for Brands Comes With New Premium Products that will Boost your Engagement

The Timeline for Business Pages is not all that´s new. Facebook also launched new products to it´s Premium advertising program that promise to reach and engage more people.

Timeline for Brands Comes With New Premium Products that will Boost your Engagement

The Premium advertising program now provides better visibility to ads by disguising them into posts within the News Feeds, the Logout Page or mobile devices. All this added value in return for paying on an ongoing basis instead of paying per click or view.

1. Reach Generator

The Reach Generator guarantees that your Posts will reach at least 75% of your Fans each month instead of the average 16%. It strives to do so by turning advertisements into stories and integrating them into your Fan´s News Feeds or the right hand column. The story can evolve around any of the 6 Post types: your status updates, photos, videos, links, questions and events. The sponsored stories let your Fans engage with them almost as if they were regular posts – they can Like it, comment on it and see which of their Friends also became your Fans.

The main advantage of the Reach Generator is that you can entirely focus on the content and the creativity while Facebook makes sure to reach and engage more of your Facebook Fans. What´s even better is that Socialbakers Analytics PRO can identify your most engaging Post types and content to help you choose the right stories to promote!

2. The Logout Experience

The Logout Experience is another Premium promotional tool that will appear to people immediately after they logout from Facebook. It should help reach the mentioned 75% by dedicating most of the Logout Page to the promotion of a Post to Fans and even non-Fans. Again, the story can be anything from videos, photos, offers to events or questions.

3. Advertising on Mobile Devices

For the first time, Fans can see Sponsored Stories appear in News Feeds on their mobile devices. Due to the limited space on the mobile phone screen there is even more pressure on creating engaging content and Socialbakers is ready to help you identify that content.

Stay with us to discover more ways Socialbakers can help you reach and engage more Facebook or Twitter users. And sign up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to see your social media performance compared to your competition.

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