Brands should act locally on Facebook

Are you going local or global on Facebook?

Brands should act locally on Facebook

We have spotted a trend in recent times on Facebook. The largest companies are going local on Facebook. If you look closer to these relevant pages, going local really is a big deal. For example if you look at Starbucks: Starbucks has 11 million fans globally, and over 1 million regional fans. The engagement rate of these local pages (by our Fan Page Analyzer), is 3 times higher than in the global page.

We can see many examples of this all over the world. Some of the most important companies are very serious about their local customers so that they are trying to interact with them more personally via local pages on Facebook. Many restaurant chains across the world have a large amount of local pages. Legendary Starbucks is set to be a great example of that. In each country this company has its own special fan page dedicated to customer’s beloved products.

Local businesses are also more favorite in eyes of customers than global ones. Global fan pages usually post generic news in which few are interested. Another fine example may be the world’s largest restaurant chain named McDonald’s. Wherever you go you run upon McDonald’s and it also has many local pages on Facebook that are glorifying their products and fans like it a lot!

“Go global” should is normal for all global brand companies, but on the other hand local pages are more interesting to all of us. Local fan pages also have a great potential to bring more relevant local information and content in order for fans to interact more often than through global pages. Customers love up-to-date interesting updates about their favorite brand – and when it is in their city, it’s even better.

Of course you can try posting local regional updates through your global fan page, similar to what RED BULL does, but we have seen that the efficiency is much lower, especially since Facebook gives a smaller rank to these pages if they post too often (regardless if this is actually regionally targeted information).

Many customers would rather go to the local page than go to the global one because they see the global pages as a corporate site and they think that companies have no interest in them. On Facebook every company should act as local and personal as possible.

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