KLM Airlines Flying The Social Way

Airlines are trying to find ways to engage and connect their passengers. Some of them, like the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are learning to transform traveling into a truly social experience.

KLM Airlines Flying The Social Way

In February, KLM became the first airlines to integrate social networking into the flight process. KLM Passengers can link their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to their flight through Meet & Seat to see who else is on board and eventually choose who they want to sit next to. It´s said to be mainly used by business travelers for networking.

But do we really need that? There are two types of people on board: passengers that are constantly seeking for new social or business opportunities via networking and those who prefer to catch up with work, sleep or spend the flight just with their friends or family. So what social group do you belong to? Does the majority really feel the need to enter into your personal life? Our social media analytics tried to find the answers in the graphs below. So sit down and get ready for take off,…

Everyone wants to become a steward / stewardess

The KLM Facebook Page is already taking full advantage of the new Timeline for Brands with big bright pictures of airplanes, some behind the scene pictures and a nostalgic tour into their history.

Have you ever dreamt of being a steward or stewardess when you were a kid? Of course you have, that´s why KLM´s application Stewardress Yourself became so popular. It encourages Facebook Fans to put their pictures in one of the seven historical KLM uniforms, to invite their friends or to win a full size poster. This campaign boosted KLM´s Engagement Rate and Fan growth!

KLM Fan Growth

According to Socialbakers Page statistics, KLM is on the 3rd place with over 1 million Fans in the airlines industry ranking. When looking at their Fan Growth over the past 6 months you can see that it’s gradually rising and almost touching the sky. KLM has gained an unbelievable 836 311 Fans from September 2011 more than tripling their Fan base on Facebook in half a year.

KLM Engagement Rate

Their average Engagement Rate maintains a rising tendency mainly thanks to Albums, Status updates and Photos. And how well do they respond to their Fans? So well that KLM made it to the Top 10 Brands by Response Rate on Facebook in Socialbakers Global Report – check it out here!

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