Call for help: True Facebook story about the 100 mil. “user data“

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Call for help: True Facebook story about the 100 mil. “user data“

Today Facebook was talked about in all languages around with 100 million user details spread. It almost sounded if there were “hacked” profiles of many users on Facebook. The world’s largest media portals like BBC informed that a pseudo-hacker Ron Bowles has recently stolen 100 m details on Facebook users. Most of people were immediately concerned about the situation, even though the headlines might sometimes be stronger then the content. We see mass response on irrelevant issues like this all the time, and we feel obliged to comment and clarify it.

We are also calling you – local media companies, experts in the Facebook field, to make sure any local feedbacks don’t raise public concerns, but are protective of Facebook, since the danger of this is as dangerous as Google is parsing web sites…

First of all user’s privacy was not broken because all “hacked” information already were available for free from the Facebook API and search enginges, so that Ron Bowles did not have to be a real security expert to obtain such type of information.

The people who protect their privacy and used security features of Facebook were not affected by this “problem” because search engines have ignored them so far. Any of the shared information were not contact information, if the users didn’t choose to expose them.

On the other hand we must appeal to some media websites which mystify this data leakage and marked Facebook as a principal who is responsible in all its respects. This is not true and even though Ron Bowles wrote it on his blogs all media only took what they needed in order to create lying and cheating around the world.

We think it is highly appropriate that we should internationally call for help in protect true Facebook story and mainly don’t listen this unfair world buzz. We understand media companies are digging to find anything negative on Facebook, and that it must be interesting read, but let’s not lower journalism quality, because it’s interesting to leave part of the story out.

Thank you,

Team of and Candytech Ltd.

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