YouTube Now Makes You More Engaged With Channels You Love

YouTube started rolling out interesting product updates that will make channels easier to connect with. How do these features translate into brands’ statistics of channel views, video views and the number of subscribers? Socialbakers analyzes and brings you the most updated YouTube statistics…

YouTube Now Makes You More Engaged With Channels You Love

The new design helps YouTube channels get more engaging

Have you noticed? YouTube has recently started implementing some great features that will help you discover and follow channels with content you prefer and want to stay engaged with.

First of all, you will see your favorite channel transformed into one of the 4 templates that will help you connect with the channel’s content easier. Second of all, YouTube launched a Channel Feed that will help you stay engaged with your favorite brand or media. When you click into the Channel Feed´s section you will see all the videos uploaded to a channel as well as playlists and the number of video views. When you subscribe to a specific channel on YouTube, updates from the Channel Feed´s section will appear on your homepage keeping you updated with all the news from your favorite channel.

Here are the four YouTube Channel layouts customized to different types of creators.

  1. Creator – shows one featured video at the top and multiple thematic videos grouped into Featured Playlists.
  1. Blogger – a reverse chronological blogroll that contains the Featured Playlist of the channel’s recent activity.
  2. Network – one featured video at the top with a group of featured channels.
  3. Everything – a mixture of the Creator and Network templates.

How Socialbakers YouTube statistics work for comprehensive brand channels monitoring

YouTube started launching its new look in December 2011 and since then the number of daily unique visits to channels has increased by 60 percent. According to Socialbakers statistics, the YouTube layout changes have proven to help brands increase their subscribers’ engagement. As indicated by our YouTube statistics of top growing channels, fashion brands such as Chanel, Nike or Armani grow their number of uploaded video views by 10 to 40 thousands views per day!

Continuous monitoring of how your fans or subscribers react to your brand’s initiatives is crucial for an effective social media strategy and that´s exactly why we recommend marketers to study their brand’s performance every day. The good news is that Socialbakers YouTube statistics can monitor all the data for you.

Tap into the Socialbakers YouTube Channels statistics to check out how it works. In this section, you can find graphs showing the channel’s monthly growth of subscribers, the number of uploaded video views as well as the channel views.

Socialbakers statistics are updated daily. Visit this section every day to get the fresh data evaluating your brand’s performance on YouTube.

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