Response Rate: Does Size Of The Facebook Page Matter?

Do smaller Facebook Pages respond to Fans better than the bigger ones? Check out the difference between Coca-Cola and Burger King!

Response Rate: Does Size Of The Facebook Page Matter?

The Response Rate is a Socialbakers metric that measures how much and how quickly Facebook Pages respond or react to wall posts from their Fans. Facebook is a social network that connects Brands and their Fans thanks to the dialogues that can be exchanged. But do Page admins really respond to the Fans? And are Facebook Pages with a smaller Fan base more effective in responding to their Fans than bigger ones?

Coca-Cola vs. Burger King

According to Socialbakers statistics, Coca-cola is the biggest Facebook brand with over 40 million Fans. Their Page admin has to be pretty busy reading and responding to all the content posted to its wall. But Fans need to feel that their favorite brands acknowledge and care about them because that´s what in the end motivates them to become more and more engaged. The question is: does a 10 times smaller Facebook Brand like Burger King make a better job in controlling the wall´s content or is size not relevant in this case?

Coca-Cola Responds Better – Size Doesn´t Matter!

Socialbakers Analytics shows that although Coca-Cola has 10 times more Fans than Burger King, it has been more successful in responding to them in the past six months. But overall, the Response Rate is not very satisfying in either case. It seems that Brands have learned to post interesting and engaging content with a high Engagement Rate but started neglecting individual posts and questions from Fans. That’s something Brands need to work on because the Response Rate is just as important as the number of Likes and Comments your content recieves.

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