Proof: Facebook brand Engagement higher than Twitter!

It´s interesting to watch how one brand performs across different social networks. Especially when it performs differently on Facebook and Twitter. Which one are fans more engaged with?

Proof: Facebook brand Engagement higher than Twitter!

Socialbakers compared the average Engagement Rates of the 10 biggest Facebook Brands with their engagement on Twitter in the last month. These two social networks represent two diametrically different ways of communication so it’s no surprise that they engage their fans differently.

Facebook Is An Exclusive Relationship

Facebook engages people in a conversation and a dialogue providing it´s fans with a feeling of exclusivity. They can access all the brand´s interesting content in pictures, albums, links, status updates and more. This network is great for companies that mainly want to build a relationship with their Fans and share emotions that they want their brand to convey.

Twitter Streams, Blogs And Promotes

Twitter on the other hand is limited by 140 characters but at the same time its content reaches more people (Facebook has some content dedicated only to Fans who click on the Like button)and can be posted more often. It´s great for brands that have the need for live streaming, blogging and promoting ideas.

Facebook Engages Fans Better than Twitter

Brands with Higher Engagement on Facebook

Starbucks Redbull”, Converse, Playstation, iTunes and McDonald´s have reached a higher average Engagement Rate on Facebook. It will always be easier to engage people with visual content, with more text, creative ideas and more space for exchanging information and engaging in dialogues.

Brands with Higher Engagement on Twitter

Oreo cookies and Skittles have been more engaging on Twitter. Why? Oreo cookies are celebrating their 100th Bithday and they are asking their fans to share their Oreo moments and Oreo rituals on Twitter. They are asking for the same engagement on Facebook but perhaps Twitter is more spontaneous and fun for this kind of communication.

Both Skittles and Oreo decided to play with words. Skittles releases the most random tweets – they have to be thinking that the more absurd the better! They engage fans to join them in creating or completing funny riddles and to taste and follow the rainbow. Almost as if its mission was to brighten up everyone´s day and Twitter was the ideal place to share all the bright moments with their fans. What else can fit into 140 characters better than emotions and thoughts of the moment?

Identical Engagement on Facebook and Twitter

Coca-Cola and Pringles have achieved identical Engagement Rates on Facebook and Twitter. But they haven´t reached a high number so it´s questionable whether their social media strategy is ideal. Plus if they post the same content on Twitter and Facebook, it´s not good for the brand. As mentioned, these two social networks are different and ask for a different approach and content.

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