Formulas Revealed: The Facebook and Twitter Engagement Rate

Tweet and Retweet were in a boat. Tweet fell out. Who was left? Retweet.

Formulas Revealed: The Facebook and Twitter Engagement Rate

This popular Twitter joke is genius because it already includes an incentive to Retweet it! Social networks are mainly about sharing and engaging with content that´s why Socialbakers considers the Engagement Rate as the king of metrics. We decided to share the formulas with you so that you could understand this important metric better!

Do you know the three things you should do on social in 2015?

The Facebook Post Engagement Rate Formula

The Engagement Rate measures how well your Fans interact with your content. The Facebook Post ER formula takes into account Likes, Comments and Shares of the post to the total number of fans at the time it has been posted. Then it gets multiplied by 100 to get the final percentage that expresses how well your brand is doing in engaging your Fans!

The Tweet Engagement Rate Formula

The Tweet Engagement Rate takes into account the Replies and Retweets of the Tweet to the total number of Followers to date. Then it´s multiplied by 100 as well to provide you with the percentage of your Fan base that´s interacting with your Tweet.

And This Is What We Love To Do With It!

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