Pimp Up Your Timeline With Custom Tabs

If you already have the new Timeline for Pages, you probably noticed that you can no longer set a custom tab as your default landing tab. But you can pimp up your Fan Page with Custom Tabs and some tricks!

Pimp Up Your Timeline With Custom Tabs

You Don´t Have To Say Goodbye To Your Default Landing Page

Socialbakers has written many articles about the custom landing tab and how great it is in converting Facebook users into Brand Fans. A customized tab is known to provide users with incentives to Like the Page in the form of special offers, discounts, access to special content, professional tips etc. Setting this tab as a default page made it easy to offer this exclusive content to Facebook users visiting the Page and it also worked as a great welcoming tab with all the brand colors, logos, claims, pictures etc.

You Still Have The Unique URL!

You don´t have to say farewell to your default landing page because your apps still have their unique URL! That means that you can still drive traffic to your landing page via Facebook ads, your Fan Page and even outside Facebook via your website, blog, emails or other social networks like Twitter.

Offer More Exclusive Content In Your More Customized Tabs

Look at the bright side of this change! Now you can distribute everything you wished to deliver to your fans but couldn´t fit in the default landing tab into Custom Tabs. They are more customized than before and have a privileged place under the Cover Photo. You can create up to 12 of them but only 4 will remain visible from the default Timeline Page. The first one from the left will always be the Photos Tab while the other three are up to you to customize. What´s great is that you can drive attention to your content by setting a big custom tab photo (111 × 74 px) and the custom tab name.

Take advantage of them to promote your webinars, free e-books, your YouTube channel, case studies, events, applications, contests and much more. Starbucks has Custom Tabs for the number of its Fans, the Starbucks card and for a map navigating fans to their local Starbucks Fan Page. Not to mention that you don´t have to throw your landing tab into the garbage because you can transform it into one of the 4 visible custom tabs and continue Fan-gating exclusive content.

The Facebook Page Never Looked Sexier

The Cover image, the smaller page profile picture and the Custom Tabs are your brand´s new welcoming page. They are the first thing Facebook users will bump into, it will be their first contact with you and your company. That´s why you need to concentrate on these three features, adopt them to our benefit and especially – make your brand visual as possible in order to communicate the message you want to send out! But keep in mind that sometimes less is more so don’t overdo it. The Victoria´s Secret Fan Page keeps it simple by saying that the brand is sexy, feminine, playful, luxurious and always in the center of attention!

The new Timeline now looks cleaner and more arranged than ever before! Everything has its place in boxes so that you and Facebook users can always find what you are interested in. You have the Like box, the Recent Posts box and the Friends box just to mention a few.

Get Ready to Launch Your Timeline On March 30th!

Your Page will automatically convert to Timeline on March 30th so you better start working on it in case you haven´t yet! Try to be creative, expressive and genuine – your Fans will definitely appreciate it! Join the free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to see how well you are doing in engaging fans on Timeline!

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