How To Build Trust Among Your Twitter Followers

Twitter users follow accounts that they can trust. Check out these 6 tips that will turn your brand into a reliable source of tweets, retweets and mentions for an even bigger audience.

How To Build Trust Among Your Twitter Followers

1. Your Personal Signature

Twitter users prefer to follow brands that they can identify with so don’t hide behind cartoon or avatar images. You need a picture that will represent your company but at the same time won´t look too formal – try showing your logo from a different perspective. Also make sure you update your profile with relevant information on your brand and on the content you will be tweeting about.

2. Tweet Your Expertise

Try tweeting some of your company’s expertise or know-how. Your fans and followers will definitely appreciate the exclusive content you can offer on Twitter and it will make you stand out as a reliable expert and source of information.

3. Tweet Consistently

As soon as you identify your most engaging content, remain consistent and tweet about it regularly. Of course, you can also reflect current trends or news but don’t be all over the place – stay consistent with your brand, your products and services. Be personal but at the same time keep in mind that it’s your brand´s account that you are representing.

4. Build A Strong Tweeting Fan Base

People tend to trust and engage more with tweets that have been retweeted or mentioned by friends, brands, organizations, media and by other accounts they follow. The more engagement your brand generates, the more you can get recognized and trusted by others.

5. Deliver content

Include an URL address to interesting content in order to build a trustworthy relationship with your fans. It will make them feel that you care about the Twitter relationship you have.

6. Tweet Correctly

Take your time to double check your posts for grammar mistakes and mistypes. These mistakes can undermine your credibility and give out the impression that you were in a hurry or didn’t care much about what you have been typing.

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