Social Media Fans Recommend: TOP 10 TV Shows Worth Watching

Since there’s plenty of TV Shows to choose from, social media can serve as a good indicator of what’s worth watching. Socialbakers brings you an overview of the most popular and engaging TV Shows according to their social media performance!

Social Media Fans Recommend: TOP 10 TV Shows Worth Watching

Do you ask your friends for recommendation when you feel like watching something? In case your friends are busy, you can always rely on social networks. Facebook and Socialbakers can become your new TV guide providing you with a reliable list of the most popular TV shows available.

Family Guy – The most popular TV Show on Facebook


Family Guy is a traditional portrait of an “endearingly ignorant dad and his hilariously odd family” in a popular cartoon series with almost 44M Facebook Fans! The Page is well balanced with posts, episode photos and previews that get a lot of attention from its loyal TV fans.

Discover the most popular TV shows according to the size of their Facebook Fan base in the table below:

In case you want to know which TV shows are the current trend setters, look at the TOP 10 fastest growing TV Shows on Facebook based on their Fan growth.

SpongeBob SquarePants – The most engaging TV show on Facebook


SpongeBob SquarePants is the TV show with the highest Engagement Rate (0.144%). It owes it to its interactive landing page featuring the Kids Choice Awards 2012 where fans can vote for their favorite cartoon, movie, actor etc. Its wall is also frequently filled with pictures encouraging Fans of the Page to vote for SpongeBob as their favorite cartoon (of course)!

If you are curious about other TV shows that generated the most social media buzz, check out this table! And after you do so, slip into your pyjamas and relax while watching the greatest TV shows according to fans on social media!

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