6 Tips For A Stunning Cover Photo

With Timeline knocking on your door, do you have a Cover Photo ready to amaze your Fans? Here are some tips and inspiration on how to visually convey your brand´s message!

6 Tips For A Stunning Cover Photo

1. Take Care Of Your New Facebook Billboard

The new Cover Photo (851 × 315 pixels) is your new Facebook billboard so take full advantage of it but keep it real! Dove has a wonderful visual that supports the brand´s commitment to help women all around the world discover their personal beauty. It simply makes you want to be a part of this lovely community.

2. Be Consistent With Your Brand

The Profile picture is embedded in the Cover Photo because they are meant to complement one another. Most brands have chosen to place their logo in the smaller box and use the bigger space for the main visual message. The Lucky Magazine uploaded Rachel Bilson as their Cover Photo Girl because they have interviewed this inspiring actress and fashion icon in their latest issue.

What’s cool is when a brand adapts it´s logo to Facebook just like the magazine. It sounds funny and ambiguous to say: “Lucky on Facebook”. And even Rachel looks like she´s feeling lucky so why shouldn´t you after reading this magazine?

3. Less is sometimes more

Your Cover Photo should look clean, simple and concise in case you want to communicate a powerful message. If you will overdo it and make it look crowded, you will give out the impression that your brand is disorganized or that you´re not clear in terms of what products, services and emotions your brand wants to deliver. So make it easier for your fans to identify with your brand by sending out a clear message.

Subway uploaded one of its delicious sandwiches with the brand colors in the background and a simple but powerful message:

4. Details Stand Out

It´s usually the details in life that evoke emotions in us,…just like these Marks & Spencer Percy Pig flavoured chocolate Easter “eggs”. The brand´s Fans know them in the form of popular raspberry gelatine candy and turning them into easter chocolates was a great idea! With a little bit of exaggeration, they are the Marks & Spencer mascotes! In case you know about something that defines your brand, also express it in your Cover Photo!

5. Engage Your Fans In Your Cover Photo

Fanta decided to engage its Fans in creating the Cover Photo. The Fanta characters got lost from the Cover Photo into the Timeline and the Fans have to find them and Like them back into the photo. They get some clues and learn some Fanta history facts on their way to getting the individual characters back on the cover. Now doesn’t that sound like fun and a great way of engaging fans?

Also notice how the brand embedded the Profile Picture into the Cover Photo – it creates a great effect!

6. Change It For The Occasion

You can change your Cover Photo for the occasion – you can have a different one for St. Patrick´s Day, the Easter holidays or Christmas to connect and engage your Fans in a festive spirit. Your Fans get notified about the change of your Cover Photo in their News Feeds so why don’t you use it as a way to thank them for their support? You can create a special picture to tribute the number of Fans you have reached.

The toy retailer Toys “R” Us Facebook Page has uploaded its image for a good cause, it´s helping to raise awareness for autism.

So how will your Cover Photo look like? Don’t forget that there are a few things that cannot be included in the cover, read more here!

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