10 Most Checked-In Facebook Places

Facebook Places enables users to share their location with friends, discover new places and gain access to interesting check-in deals. Where do they check-in the most?

10 Most Checked-In Facebook Places

According to Socialbakers Facebook Places statistics, Facebook users check-in the most at airports. They want to let their family and friends know that they are traveling somewhere, that they landed saftely, that they are on their way to meet someone or that they are returning back home.

Traveling is without doubt a social thing to do and airlines are becoming to embrace that. For example KLM Airlines came up with an application that enables passengers to link their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to their flight so they could choose who they want to sit next to.

1. Los Angeles International Airport

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

3. San Francisco International Airport

4. Denver International Airport

5. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

6. McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

7. Orlando International Airport

8. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

9. Facebook Headquarters

10. General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport

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