Top consumer electronics on Facebook

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Top consumer electronics on Facebook

Our team is working really hard on making better for you. Statistics are crucial for us and our readers. That’s why we make great effort to collect them as precisely as possible. You won’t see such an amount of detailed numbers anywhere. Consumer electronics are a next stop in our series of categorical Facebook research. Consumers are important for all marketers, without them all companies would be lost so that we decided to roll out a research of the most visible electronics on Facebook.

The first place is occupied by the most popular piece of technology ever made by man –Apple’s iPod which became a legend in this century. With its 3 580 141 fans rules Facebook and dominates over most electronics on Facebook. This perfect device definitely wrote the history and even few years after the release iPod is still not taking up bad.
On the second place is a game console Xbox 360 with 2 105 078 fans on Facebook. This Microsoft’s toy has recently received a new facelift and in the future there will be plenty of possibilities how to make it bigger on Facebook for sure. Everybody knows still unreleased Microsoft Kinect motion sensor and it has already reached 13 111 fans! Also Xbox has quite a lot of local fan pages, which you can find on the portal.

The third position is besieged by Sony’s flagship Playstation which also played a main role in shaking up the games industry as a very strong brand. We can say it again. Facebook is full of people who are keen on playing and most of them became addicted to the Sony Playstation. There is an ultimate number of 1 950 695 fans and we only speaking about official global page! There are many local pages sticked to Sony Playstation on Facebook.

Other game consoles are also sticking out in the Top consumer electronics. We can clearly say that about all Nintendos, PSPs, iPhones and Xboxes brands. Most of them are also making great progress toward better results on Facebook except of Nintendo Wii which totally fell through in the chart even though it has 1 018 827 fans on its official page. This decline could be seen on all fronts because of not keeping the page up-to-date, and aren’t posting status updates. Its engagement rate via Facebakers Compare Analytics is 0% due to no posts. In addition, Nintendo is passing through hard times. In Q1 2010 Nintendo has recorded a loss of $288 million due to lower prices of DS ( Nintendo DS only has 125 991 fans on Facebook ) and an appreciation of the yen on markets around the world. All these aspects are connected with the slow growth of Nintendo on Facebook compared to other electronics.

Consumer electronics are a strong category, and their growth is directly reflected by the growth on the market. We will be monitoring Consumer electronics, and also all other brands on Facebook, both globally, and also on a regional level, as you can see in our Top Brands on Facebook section.

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