10 Biggest Industries on Facebook

Which industries on Facebook have the most Fans? And what are their most popular Facebook Pages?

10 Biggest Industries on Facebook

Average Facebook Page Size by Number of Fans

Socialbakers brings you Facebook Page Statistics with updated rankings of Pages across all the industries on Facebook. Check out the list of the biggest industries and their most popular Facebook Pages below. And get inspired by their Cover Photos!

1. Sport Pages Have the Most Fans

Are you surprised? It´s quite natural when you think about it because sport Fans are known for their commitment and passion for the game and it´s players. FC Barcelona is the Facebook Page with the most Fans in this industry. It provides them with interesting interviews, beautiful captures, words of motivation, game results, screensavers and much more! It´s the notion of belonging to a community that motivates sport fans to become Facebook Fans as well.

2. Fashion Pages

3. Retail Food Pages

4. FMCG Pages

5. Entertainment Pages

6. Media Pages

7. Electronics Pages

8. Automobile Pages

9. Retail Pages

10. Beauty Pages

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